Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Best of John & Suzyn: August

Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and personally, I love ‘em), you have to admit that Yankees radio duo John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman call some gems on WCBS. Here are the best from August:

“You know, Suzyn, I don’t see much difference between home and away in baseball. But thanks for telling me it’s August.” – Sterling, 8/1 @ White Sox

“Here’s Robbie Cano hitting .299. That’s as close as you can get to .300 without hitting .300.” – Sterling, 8/4 @ White Sox

“The 1 and 2 is up and in so the count is 2 and 1.” – Sterling, 8/6 @ Red Sox

“Have you noticed that when Gardner dives back into first he replaces the dirt? Does a little… gardening?” – Waldman, 8/7 @ Red Sox

“That’s why he’s the executive producer: he is texty and sexy.” – Sterling, referring to their executive producer who had just given them some information, 8/24 v. A’s

“Gardner has been successful on 23 of his last 24 steals. I think that stat is right. If I’m wrong I’m only wrong by one, let’s say.” – Sterling, 8/24 v. A’s

Suzyn: “I don’t think this game will ever end.”
John: “No, I can’t see how it will.” – 8/25 v. A’s as the game neared its 6th hour of play

“And Curtis Granderson hits a home run! That’s another grand slam! Or in this case, a Grander-slam!” – Sterling, 8/25 v. A’s

“I know there are a lot of people in the New York area who still don’t have power and are used to watching on television. Well this is radio – welcome to us.” – Waldman, 8/29 @ Orioles

“Nick Swisher runs out to the bleachers with his arms open like he’s going to invite everyone to his house for cupcakes.” – Waldman, 8/29 @ Orioles

John: “That gives the Yankees a 5-4 lead!”
Suzyn: “And the biggest moth just flew up here…” – 8/31 @ Red Sox

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