Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best of John & Suzyn - September

Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and personally, I love ‘em), you have to admit that Yankees radio duo John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman call some gems on WCBS. Here are the best from September:

“Since the All-Star break Andruw is hitting… oh, I’ll throw a number out… he’s hitting .340, let’s say.” – Sterling, 9/5 v. Orioles

“I was talking to the Orioles coaches about Chris Jakubauskas and they said I just like saying his name. Chris Jakubauskas!” – Waldman, 9/5 v. Orioles

“The 1-1 is a drive to right center… to the gap… IT IS A… caught. He caught it.” – Sterling, 9/5 v. Orioles

John: “Boy, Tommy Hunter is really laughing out there on the mound. It’s almost as if something is funny.”
Suzyn: “Well, he’s on a last place team and he’s pitching in mud.” – 9/6 v. Orioles, as rain continued to fall after a 4 hour rain delay

“If you were a tour guide you would tell the Yankees: ‘Avoid Anaheim! Just don’t go there!’” – Sterling, 9/11 @ Angels

Suzyn: “Well Mark, after losing all these games recently John and I think the win today feels like the biggest win of the year!”
Mark Teixeira: “I don’t know if I’d go that far.”
Suzyn: “We’re very dramatic.” – 9/11 @ Angels

“Dig this, Suzyn. If the Yanks win tonight, they’ll be four games up. No more half-game jazz.” – Sterling, 9/12 @ Mariners

“Not only will Mariano hold the saves record, but baby there’s no one close!” – Sterling, 9/12 @ Mariners

Suzyn: “John, have we ever seen Felix Hernandez give up 6 runs?”
John: “No. You gave the stats earlier!” – 9/12 @ Mariners

“It’s not that this ballpark is overly big, but it is… I mean, not overly… but it’s big.” – Sterling, 9/12 @ Mariners

“Can the Yankees get the 28th out? What am I talking about? There are only 27 outs.” – Sterling, 9/13 @ Mariners

“The Yankees are doing about everything wrong. That’s why they’re having so much trouble winning games.” – Sterling, 9/17 @ Blue Jays

“The soap operas Suzyn and I watch always have a good twin and an evil twin. That’s like AJ.” – Sterling, 9/19 v. Twins

“It’s only when Nova has trouble with one pitch or another than he starts getting into trouble.” – Waldman, 9/20 v. Rays

“Maybe Boston’s pitching went south when they all started taking an hour and a half between pitches.” – Waldman, 9/25 Game 1 v. Red Sox

Suzyn: “We’ve now hit 5 hours, John.”
John: “Well I hope I get a prize for that.” – 9/25 Game 2 v. Red Sox

Suzyn: “What could Russell have said to get thrown out?”
John: “I bet he said ‘Aw shucks, I think that was a strike.’” – 9/26 @ Rays

“There is a guy here who has one of those blackboards – one of those white blackboards that you can write on and erase.” – Waldman, 9/26 @ Rays

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