Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best of John & Suzyn - Postseason Edition

With the expiration of the WCBS radio contract, the status of John and Suzyn as Yankees announcers is up in the air for next season. But I won’t get into that because it makes me pretty sad. Instead, I’ll be optimistic that John and Suzyn will be back in the booth next season, and until then here is the final batch of John and Suzyn quotes for 2011:

“Game 1 will start back up at 1-1, which is almost like 0-0.” – Sterling, 10/1 v. Tigers

“Who’s the leadoff hitter? Why it’s Brett Gardner, batting 9th! That’s kind of a running joke…” – Sterling, 10/2 v. Tigers

“Being the intrepid reporter that I am, I must confess it is raining.” – Sterling, 10/2 v. Tigers

“Well Inge is known to have some power but San Diego… er… Santiago is usually a gap hitter at best.” – Waldman, 10/3 @ Tigers

John: “Did you give a temperature tonight?”
Suzyn: “Yes I did. Would you like to know what it is? It’s 61 - it says right on the scoreboard.” 10/4 @ Tigers

“AJ… with a bravissimo performance!” – Sterling, 10/4 @ Tigers

“I’ll give you a stat. Actually we could give you 8 billion stats because that’s how many they produce, and most of them mean nothing. But I’ll give you one that really means nothing in a minute.” – Sterling, 10/6 v. Tigers

“Now here’s Kelly who is 4 for 8 in the series, and I never got my dumb point out.” – Sterling, 10/6 v. Tigers

“When Hughes is right this is what he looks like. His fastball is a stream of milk.” – Sterling, 10/6 v. Tigers

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